Sievert Werly attorneys have represented NCAA Division I, II and III members and involved parties in major infractions cases relating to unethical conduct, amateurism, eligibility, athletics aid, impermissible benefits and playing and practice seasons. Our team can efficiently handle your case from the time an allegation of misconduct is received through the time a decision has been rendered by the NCAA Committee on Infractions or Infractions Appeals Committee. We will complete a thorough and impartial investigation and after all available evidence has been collected, we will defend you against alleged violations that are unsupported and help you enhance your rules-compliance programming to ensure violations that did occur are prevented in the future.


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Sievert Legal attorneys have completed independent investigations for colleges and universities on a wide variety of campus and athletics issues. From the planning stage through the provision of recommendations, our team will provide your campus a thorough investigation designed to discover all relevant facts, determine the scope of liability through a comprehensive legal and regulatory analysis, and provide a final product that will stand up to outside scrutiny.



Independent investigations relating to:

  • Misconduct by coaches, administrators, and other institutional employees

  • Allegations of NCAA, athletics conference, institutional, or athletics department rules-violations

  • Academic fraud

  • Student-Athlete welfare and abuse issues

  • Hazing

  • Title IX violations


  • Conducted an independent investigation for an NCAA Division I institution of the football program relating to allegations of student-athlete abuse by its head football coach

  • Conducted an independent investigation for an NCAA Division I institution relating to allegations of academic fraud by a faculty member against student-athletes from multiple sports programs

  • Conducted an independent investigation for an NCAA Division I institution relating to alleged NCAA rules-violations relating to the recruitment of a high-profile football prospective student-athlete


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Justin Sievert, Founder

Direct Line: (786) 265-8649


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10+ years of legal experience in the college sports industry, including the representation of institutions and coaches in NCAA infractions matters, providing proactive counsel on Title IX-related issues and assisting student-athletes with eligibility matters.


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