Through our experience representing colleges and universities in the NCAA enforcement process against allegations of rules violations, our attorneys have worked extensively with colleges and universities in designing and implementing enhanced educational, monitoring, and documentation systems. Additionally, we have completed rules compliance audits at NCAA Division I, II and III institutions and have drafted key operational documents such as rules-compliance manuals, drug-testing and education programs, and student-athlete handbooks. Our team has also provided support to athletics compliance offices in drafting and revising various types of waiver and reinstatement requests.


  • NCAA Division I, II, and III Athletics Compliance Audits

  • Head Coach Monitoring Programming

  • Assisting institutions with meeting probationary period requirements stemming from NCAA infractions cases

  • Drug-Testing Programming and Education

  • Drafting policies and procedures and creating educational programming on athletics compliance issues, including creation of athletics compliance manuals and student-athlete handbooks

  • Assisting athletics compliance offices with student-athlete issues, including reinstatement requests, drug-testing appeals, eligibility waivers, and legislative relief waivers

  • Ensuring college sports industry businesses and startups conduct operations within the confines of NCAA legislation


  • Completed an audit of an NCAA Division I institution's compliance program, including the drafting of a new athletics compliance manual and student-athlete handbook

  • Completed an audit and redesign of an NCAA Division II institution's eligibility certification process during the representation of the institution in its NCAA infractions case

  • Completed an audit of an NCAA Division III institution's compliance program as part of its NCAA infractions case's probationary period compliance

  • Created a drug-testing and education program for an NCAA Division I institution and assisted with the identification and negotiation of the testing lab contract

  • Provided multiple college sports industry businesses with NCAA compliance consulting services to minimize operational risk.


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Justin Sievert, Founder

Direct Line: (786) 265-8649


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10+ years of legal experience in the college sports industry, including the representation of institutions and coaches in NCAA infractions matters, providing proactive counsel on Title IX-related issues and assisting student-athletes with eligibility matters.


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