The individual experiences of our team as student-athletes, coaches, athletics administrators, and university counsel has allowed us to bring a unique combination of knowledge, skill, and experience when assessing Title IX compliance at NCAA Division I, II and III institutions. In addition to completing comprehensive audits of college and university equity relating to participation, scholarships, and treatment, our attorneys have helped institutions work towards Title IX compliance through gender equity strategic planning and have provided legal guidance on issues such as adding or eliminating sports, roster management, and sport program tiering models.


  • Title IX Audits 

  • Title IX Strategic Planning for NCAA Division I, II, and III institutions

  • Advisory consultations on targeted Title IX issues

  • Sports Program Addition/Elimination, and Tiering Studies

  • Workshops and development of educational materials for colleges, universities and athletics conferences

  • Representation of colleges and universities against Title IX complaints or lawsuits involving athletics equity issues

  • Assistance establishing and monitoring compliance with Title IX Resolution Agreements


  • Completed a Title IX Audit and Gender Equity Improvement Plan for an NCAA Division I institution transitioning to a new athletics conference

  • Completed a Title IX Audit for an NCAA Division II institution, including a focus on proper sport program classifications for non-NCAA sponsored sports

  • Completed a Title IX Audit for an NCAA Division III institution with a focus on potential sport program additions, roster management, and managing Title IX compliance with the institution's admissions and enrollment needs

  • Provided legal and consulting advice relating to cutting edge Title IX issues including potential student-athlete pay, Esports, and NIL compensation.

Download our Title IX Practice Guide here

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Justin Sievert, Founder

Direct Line: (786) 265-8649

Email: Justin@SievertLegal.com

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10+ years of legal experience in the college sports industry, including the representation of institutions and coaches in NCAA infractions matters, providing proactive counsel on Title IX-related issues and assisting student-athletes with eligibility matters.


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